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I work for XCAR

I’ve not updated this for a very long time. There’s a reason for that – I work for XCAR now.

XCAR, if you don’t know, is an online car show. We make videos about cars – not consumer reviews or news, but longform video features about the kind of stuff that car enthusiasts might want to see. My job is to write, present and produce videos that tell viewers about the cars we’re driving and hopefully convey how they make you feel.

To see what we do, check the Pagani Huayra video below, or go to our YouTube channel. Alternatively head to Facebook and ‘like’ the site or follow us on Twitter @XCARofficial. Oh, and there’s a website, too.

I’m a very, very lucky boy.

Stuff on the web that isn’t crap: Skoda Puzzle

If you watch crime drama on Channel 5 or, like me, follow Skoda on Twitter you’ll have notice they’re banging on about the Skoda Puzzle. But what, actually, is it? sends you to a YouTube page, where (aside from the C5 idents on the right hand corner) there’s a list of eleven videos. The first isn’t much at all, but the second offers the viewer a clue to solve – the first of ten.

Now, I have no idea what these lead up to, but if you’ve got the naus to figure out the first one you’d be hard pressed not to figure out that the big prize is a shiny new Skoda Fabia. I’m hoping it’s a vRS, because they’re brilliant.

If solving the main puzzle isn’t for you (and for some it may not be) then being the Skoda Puzzle’s fan on Facebook and following them on Twitter is quite a good idea too – because it appears they’re giving away a whole host of crime show related goodies.

I think it’s a great idea to raise awareness of the brand and rather engaging. I just need to figure out what I need to do to find a Skoda of my own. Tune in on the 2nd of May to find out what the next clue is. I will be.
That said, I’m rubbish at anagrams at the best of times.

Become a motoring journalist. Avoid clichés.

Being a motoring journalist is high up on many people’s to do lists. However there is a blight in the profession. The horrific usage of clichés.
Now, to combat this, my fellow podisodists (Jon Quirk and Cameraman Phil) and I are working to get rid of them, because they’re vile. So we set about compiling the [...]

Mazda MX-5: Quasi Review Or The Tale of an MX-5 Virgin

A drunken conversation about how I’d never piloted an MX-5 led to the lovely folks at Mazda loaning me one for a week.
The fact I’d never driven one meant, for a while, that I subscribed to the stereotypical notion that it was for hairdressers, gay men and girls. But that was in my youth, which [...]

Shiny new (and exclusive) Range Rover Evoque video

It’s always nice when something exclusive drops into your inbox – especially when it’s about one of the more controversial cars out there: The Range Rover Evoque.
It’s a car that’s currently making purists weep because it’s going all FWD. That and being overtly designed for fashionistas. I digress…
First, have a gander at the video:
Evoque footage
The [...]

Some missing podisodes…

So… I’ve been lazy in updating the podisodes on here. For which I’m sorry.
To make up for this  I’ll give you not one, but three!
First up is Gas Station Podisode 13. We’d been doing them for six months and we’re rather proud of them.
Then The Gas Station Drives: The Ford Galaxy. Jon had a Ford [...]