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Gas Station Podisode 10: Jon and Alex were ill, Phil was ‘chipper’. Oh, and cars.

For the tenth podisode we were ravaged by disease and famine. Well, Cameraman Phil wasn’t, but that’s of no matter.

We chatted about dangerous roads, some horrid concepts, what we’d crush and some awesome drives. Do have a listen and see what you think. There’s even an audience participation bit – we look forward to your feedback.

Enjoy: The Gas Station Podisode 10

The car in the pic above is Damien Hirst’s charity A1. It’s… very pink.

  1. Flat In 6th on Monday 5, 2010

    Keep Forever: Porsche 997 GT3 (not RS) – The prospect of doing evey journey in this would make everyday and every drive a wonderful experience. The noise, the handling, the quality and no roll cage means I can fit the friday big shop in the back!

    Thrash for a weekend: Caterham R500 – Horrendously impractical and you WILL get wet if there’s ANY moisture in the air. However, legendary handling, bike like accelleration and being sat 2 inch from the ground makes 100 mph feel like about a million. Scare yourself stupid, then get back in the 997.

    Crush: Mansory Rolls Royce Ghost – I like the Ghost, I care not that it’s half German, it’s a fantastic achievment and classier than a Bentley. The Mansory splurge-fest undoes this in a single, broad stroke. It looks like a fucking fag packet sat on 22in rims. Ghastly