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Gas Station Podisode 11: This Time It’s iTunes…ible.

Yes! That’s right we’re going onto iTunes, which means you no longer have to download it manually or have a window open on your desktop.

However, if that’s still your bag I’d suggest looking here: Podisode homepage

All of the newest podisodes will live there, including number 11. So go forth and have a listen.

This week sees the usual grouping of Jon Quirk, CameramanPhil and myself chatting all things cars. From Ferraris toSmart ForTwos, pretty much everything from the last fortnight is there. Which is nice. Also… we have a chat about the big Cars V Bikes debate going on in the next podisode. Enjoy.

N.B. iTunes is still approving the current podisode, so if you can’t find it there just yet don’t worry.

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