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The Gas Station Podisode 12: Bikes V Cars. Sort of.

Greetings from Podisode land – we’ve been having an argument. Sort of. You’ll have to listen to find out what I mean by that…

We had a chat about the latest news and events from the motoring world – and a few odd topics too. But that was all my fault. One thing we forgot to talk about (but will be in the next one) is Car Dealer Magazine’s latest efforts to get hold of a Porsche 911 in time for 2011 (by buying and up-selling cars) for the BEN charity. Read their story here, and if you’re feeling charitable do bid on the latest motor. It’s ace.

If you’re of an iTunes persuasion, the Podisode should be making its way to your feeds soon. However, if you’re a listen-at-work-type then go to the Gas Station Podisode Homepage and listen from there. Easy!

As usual if you have any comments, questions of the like do get in touch either here or on Twitter (I’m @A1GOY).

T’il next time!

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