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Stuff on the web that isn’t crap: Skoda Puzzle

If you watch crime drama on Channel 5 or, like me, follow Skoda on Twitter you’ll have notice they’re banging on about the Skoda Puzzle. But what, actually, is it? sends you to a YouTube page, where (aside from the C5 idents on the right hand corner) there’s a list of eleven videos. The first isn’t much at all, but the second offers the viewer a clue to solve – the first of ten.

Now, I have no idea what these lead up to, but if you’ve got the naus to figure out the first one you’d be hard pressed not to figure out that the big prize is a shiny new Skoda Fabia. I’m hoping it’s a vRS, because they’re brilliant.

If solving the main puzzle isn’t for you (and for some it may not be) then being the Skoda Puzzle’s fan on Facebook and following them on Twitter is quite a good idea too – because it appears they’re giving away a whole host of crime show related goodies.

I think it’s a great idea to raise awareness of the brand and rather engaging. I just need to figure out what I need to do to find a Skoda of my own. Tune in on the 2nd of May to find out what the next clue is. I will be.
That said, I’m rubbish at anagrams at the best of times.

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